Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Pay-Per-View

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Going on air for Boxing fans and Timothy Bradley will be seeing a different  Pacquiao in their upcoming rematch bout on April 12. The Filipino fighter’s trainer, Freddie Roach, said Bradley will be facing off against a more aggressive and unforgiving Pacman in the ring, RingTV reported.

Roach said, “We have a great sparring waiting for Manny. If Bradley thinks he’s going to see the same compassionate Manny he saw the first time they fought, he is in for a big surprise.”

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight on 12 April  2014

“We had a great camp in the Philippines and Manny, as usual, is way ahead of schedule in his conditioning, and very motivated. The real business begins for us on Monday at Wild Card,” said the trainer, referring to the boxing facility in Hollywood, California, where his fighter will resume his training in preparation for the upcoming bout.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

Roach’s statements seem to be in response to what Bradley previously said to Manny. He told Pacman that he is not the same fighter as he used to be in his previous fights. More specifically, he said, “You lost your fire, the killer instinct and I will beat you.”

Boxingscene reported that Pacquiao didn’t like Bradley’s message to him. Roach said, “Overall Bradley is a nice kid but it’s not about being nice in there. It’s a knockout sport and if Manny hits him, he’ll finish him this time.”

The 54-year-old trainer also added that the way his fighter has been training, it’s very possible that the judge’s decision will be eliminated from the equation. He was of course referring to the first match between Pacquiao and Bradley where Manny suffered a controversial loss via split decision even though he displayed more aggressiveness inside the ring. Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

The rematch between the Fighting Pride of the Philippines and the Desert Storm will take place on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two boxers will be fighting for the WBO Welterweight title.

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